If you’re a mobile marketer you’re going to continue hearing about sensors (beacons) and why they’ll provide global brands with exciting new ways to reach people via their mobile phones in a way that is hyper-targeted and ultra-contextual.

From our standpoint, we believe there’s enormous potential for mobile marketers to leverage Sensors as a Network (SaaN) to create new modes of engagement between brands and consumers, meshing both physical context and digital content in a seamless fashion.

However in order for mobile marketers to benefit from the SaaN ethos, there needs to be a cost effective, programmatic and scalable method for global advertisers to access this sensor network so they can communicate with audiences whom are near these sensors at any given time.

This is why we built Airmarket, the world’s first programmatic beacon platform for advertisers.

Look at the beacon sensor market today, a highly fragmented landscape of hardware manufacturers and software companies deploying beacon sensors in isolation of one another. Not only are these sensors being underutilized through minimal usage, there’s no opportunity for 3rd parties to take virtual possession of these sensors for their own benefit.

Thanks to Airmarket, we now bring harmony and unity to millions of beacons around the world. Advertisers pay to access our sensor network in a cost effective, programmatic and scalable manner which is similar to how they already buy other programmatic advertising channels including digital banner advertising and mobile video.

With Airmarket we are creating a new mode of currency for advertisers to transact with our sensor network: Cost Per Notification (CPN). Advertisers only pay when a notification has been delivered from a sensor within our network to a consumer’s phone.

By bringing unity to the beacon landscape, Airmarket is creating a single platform interface for beacon owners, 3rd party apps and advertisers to realize the power of SaaN and re-imagine how global brands can communicate with people in a digital manner based on their precise physical context.

If you’re interested in learning more about Airmarket contact us.

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