I’m busy. You’re busy. We’re all busy. So much to do, so little time. Sound familiar?

Whilst this omnipresent mindset exists for a society regardless of era, there are era-specific implications to the way we approach our day to day lives and how we use available technologies to help us manage, prioritize and ultimately cope with life overload.

A behavioral trend emerging with our most personal device, the smartphone, and how we’re managing life overload is the adoption of Notifications. Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat & Uber are a few applications who are embracing Notifications as a method of micro engagement which leads us to a deeper, stickier experience with their respective service.

Today, most services using Notifications are social or utility in nature. Computing power, systems, and connectivity have vastly improved, unlocking an ability for applications to be “intelligently aware” of events we as users can be instantly notified about as soon as they occur. Your mum who lives in Chicago, just liked a photo you took in Arizona, your boss who lives in Singapore just sent you an email about the upcoming presentation you’re making in London, the car you ordered 7 minutes ago is now outside and so on.

The adoption, deployment and popularity of Notifications in these social and utility scenarios are ubiquitous for today’s smartphone user regardless of whether they’re in Indiana or Indonesia however Notifications add value to people and industries beyond those with a social or utility lens.

At Airmarket we believe the Marketing and Advertising industry can benefit enormously from Notifications. Ad blockers and other ad-filtering technology severely limit how brands today can reach and communicate with people on mobile devices, coupled with a form factor that doesn’t lend itself to traditional ad formats like banners.

Using Notifications combined with hyper proximity awareness via beacon technology unlocks exciting new possibilities for brands to connect with people in ways that are intelligent, contextually rich and expand on the micro-moments theme that’s so prevalent in the lexicon of today’s mobile marketer. Probably more important, advertisers who use Notifications with the power of proximity are adapting with consumer behavior and their expectations on where, when and how mobile communications are delivered regardless of whether it’s email, social or advertising.

Looking at today’s mobile advertising framework, to say it’s ripe for disruption would be an understatement. Most if not all of today’s mobile marketing is designed around methods that were desktop era successful. Banners and pre-roll advertising on mobile devices in our opinion are dated and need to be re-imagined for the benefit of consumer and brand. Given around $100B of mobile advertising will be purchased in 2016 jumping to $200B in 2020 there should and will be new ad formats brands can use which provide scale and are primarily designed for the mobile world we now live in.

Our vision at Airmarket is to provide a programmatic, scalable service where advertisers can use Notifications that are hyper proximity aware via beacons that add value to people at a specific time and place.

Welcome to the Notification economy.

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