Airmarket helps advertisers leverage the power of beacon technology to hyper-target consumers who are near areas that have beacons in a way that is cost efficient, programmatic and scalable. By unifying isolated beacon networks combined with the strength of programmatic, advertisers and their agency trading desks for the first time can begin buying beacons in a similar way to how they buy other programmatic media channels.

Airmarket make this possible by partnering with asset owners to register their existing or yet to be deployed beacon networks to the Airmarket platform so they can programmatically monetize their beacon infrastructure without having to invest money in sales teams or software development. It’s as simple as registering your beacons with Airmarket and begin earning money.

Airmarket also partner with 3rd party app developers and networks to help monetize their apps in new ways by making them Airmarket enabled. This allows app developers and networks to bring new revenue streams to their apps without impacting their traditional advertising inventory such as banner or video ads. It’s as simple as registering your app with Airmarket and begin earning money.

If you’re an advertiser, asset owner or app developer and you’re interested joining the Airmarket network please contact us.